In addition to drilling services, Maple Leaf Drilling provides most related project services that our clients require to complete an entire program.

Here is a non-exhausted list of additional testing, sampling and support services we provide:

  • iCone (electric shear vane)
  • Nilcon Vane
  • Environmental Direct Image Services
  • Injection Remediation
  • Packer Testing
  • Pumping Tests
  • Depressurization and Dewatering
  • Consolidation Grouting
  • Commercial Pump and Pitless Unit Installs
  • Downhole Camera Inspection
  • Hydro Fracking Granite Wells
  • Rock Anchor Installs
  • Rock Socking Pile Drilling
  • GUS and Piston Sampling
  • DCPT
  • Fencing and Site Security
  • Site Trailer and washroom facility
  • Tree Clearing
  • Site Prep
  • Rig Mats
  • Monitoring Well Maintenance
  • Dock Pipe Pile Installations

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