For drilling projects in difficult access locations, Maple Leaf Drilling offers fly-in helicopter services.

Our custom light weight drill rigs are capable of drilling hollow stem, solid stem, rock coring, DTH, casing advancing and mud rotary. Our custom drilling equipment weighs in at 1331 lbs., capable of performing SPT's with a safety winch. This also includes a frame and wheels to convert into a trailer. If SPT's are not required the weight goes down significantly.

Because of the lightweight and outstanding performance of our smaller drill rigs along with our extensive experience Maple Leaf Drilling is the most cost-effective option for drilling remotely.


Small aircraft flying to remote jobsites is nothing new to Maple Leaf Drilling.

We fly our smaller rigs across Canada to complete a diverse range of projects. We have been flying up to remote communities since 1993 which would make us one of the most experienced remote access drilling companies in Canada.

A common problem to be aware of when researching drilling companies is ensuring the equipment will disassemble into small or light enough pieces. Maple Leaf Drilling equipment is modular and can easily fit into most aircrafts. We have flown in everything from a Beaver float plane to a larger Hawker and everything in-between. When arriving on site we are able to reassemble the pieces by hand without access to heavy equipment.

"From tight spots in the urban concrete jungle; to squeezing through forested river banks and swamps in the middle of nowhere. From experience, we know how to anticipate and plan for difficult location access. Our innovative drilling team is always up for the challenge with safe but creative solutions for those times when the unexpected just happens."

Winter Roads

Maple Leaf Drilling has extensive experience working on the winter roads in Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

We have mobilized to numerous remote communities and are familiar with all the challenges that come up in these areas. We perform all the same services that can be done in the urban areas including environmental, geotechnical, diamond drilling, and air hammer work. Maple Leaf has a full lineup of support equipment to assist in all the challenges that northern work brings.

Maple Leaf can drill on ice during the winter months as long as safety measures are in place. We commonly drill through ice and our experienced teams are educated in special safety circumstances while keeping production to a maximum.

Maple Leaf Drilling is up to all Northern Road challenges.

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