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We employ professional, qualified, and experienced staff capable of completing a large variety of drilling, sampling, and installation projects. To go along with our drilling staff we also have full time certified safety officer, HD diesel mechanic, and welder.

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Maple Leaf Drilling is committed to client satisfaction through hard work, trained staff, superior equipment, safety, and environmental sustainability.

Our Services

Whether it's in a crowded city centre or hard to access location, our team of professional drillers know how to get the job done safely, on-time and on-budget any time of the year.

Geotechnical Drilling

Maple Leaf Drilling offers a full range of geotechnical drilling and sampling services. We work with engineers to collect data to help design critical infrastructure like dams, highways, bridges, slope stability and buildings. Maple Leaf Drilling is also the leading drilling contractor to help support geotechnical projects on mining sites throughout Canada regularly working on tailings management facilities doing a variety of testing and instrument installation.

Environmental Drilling

Environmental drilling is important part of investigating subsurface soil, soil vapor, and ground water contamination. Maple Leaf Drilling has extensive experience identifying contamination in the field which gives our customers the best possible data and decision-making information. Our team has all relevant drilling technologies in our tool box for any job. We are also certified to install and decommission wells in all our service area's.

Concrete Coring

Concrete coring can be done on projects where a drill rig is required or independently on there own. Maple Leaf Drilling has multiple machines and can core concrete from 2-12".

Rock Anchors

Rock anchors are installed into the ground for foundations of cell, radio and hydro towers. These anchors are a low-cost option and are especially good in with shallow overburden where anchors can be set into bedrock. In many circumstances, lightweight drilling equipment is brought into remote areas instead of building roads, expensive concrete or piles.

In Situ Remediations

Soil remediations can be done through a less intrusive In Situ means. This is done by mixing oxidation chemicals at the surface and injecting them into the soil under pressure. Many soil types will react well to these remediation techniques. This method is particularly favorable when in remote communities where no soil treatment facility is present or is too costly to set up.

Water Fracking

MLD is equipped with high pressure water pumps capable of breaking bedrock in a production well for the purpose of increasing well yield. This is normally done in granite rock in areas without high producing wells.

" Established in 1967, Maple Leaf Drilling offers safe, competent, year-round drilling services and is looking forward to providing exceptional services that you have come to trust for over 50 plus years!"


Maple Leaf with the help from our partners have the capability to collect soil information just by pushing a probe into the soil. Some of these methods are CPTu, MIP, HPT, and UVOST. This can be a faster way to collect relevant geotechnical or environmental data on projects.


Maple Leaf Drilling believes in renewable energy solutions and reducing carbon foot prints. We are capable of installing both closed and open loop systems. Open loop requires pumping ground water through a heat pump and into a return well. Closed loop requires an installation of a ground source energy field. Geo loops are installed into the boreholes and glycol is circulated through the system absorbing the grounds energy. This energy is used for heating and cooling. Both systems will use less energy than conventional heating systems and cost the owner less to operate.

Residential Water Wells

Water wells are required for all homes or cabins where town or city water is not an option. Maple Leaf Drilling has a fleet of drilling equipment to install wells for all homeowners needs. Whether you a bedrock or screen well Maple Leaf Drilling does it all.

Commercial Water Wells

Maple Leaf Drilling can install commercial wells for any reason up to 12" in diameter. This can be for mining applications, watering a golf coarse or suppling water for a fire suppression system.

Pump Tests

Pumping tests are done to test well yield, assess aquifer drawdown, and cone of depression impacts. This data is normally passed to a professional engineer so they can interpret and make recommendation to clients bases off the results.


Many projects require groundwater dewatering during or after construction. Maple Leaf Drilling can provide a turn key package of equipment to install a constant pumping system. A series of wells can be installed and constantly pumped lowering the groundwater levels. This allows construction work to take place where otherwise it would be impossible due to groundwater interference.

Downhole Camera

Maple Leaf Drilling has a downhole camera which can be utilized to diagnose problems in a water well or borehole. Video can be recorded and saved on a USB. This tool can prevent thousands of dollars of unnecessary repairs or just help diagnose minor issues.

Site Maintenance

Site support services are often forgotten, but we must ensure the ground and the surrounding areas are safe before construction can start. In certain situations, support services are needed before, during and after a project. Maple Leaf Drilling can provide site preparation whether you need earth works, tree clearing or site security to ensure your project goes smoothly. Ask us about all the services we offer to get your project started.

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