Maple Leaf Drilling has a wide range of geotechnical, environmental, mining, water well, and geothermal drilling equipment for projects of any size and location in Canada.

Whether it's in a crowded city centre or hard to access location, our team of professional drillers know how to get the job done safely, on-time and on-budget any time of the year.

Using our vast experience, superior equipment, and strong safety record has made us one of the premier drilling contractors in Canada.


  • Boart Longyear LS 600
  • Boart Longyear DB540
  • 8140LS Geoprobe (X2)



  • Mobile B54X
  • Mobile B54
  • Mobile B37X
  • Acker Renegade (X2)
  • Acker MP5
  • Geoprobe 3230
  • Geoprobe 7822 (X2)
  • B20L (X3)


  • Diedrich D120
  • CME 75
  • CME 750
  • CME 55 (X2)
  • CME 45

Direct Push

  • Geoprobe 3230
  • Geoprobe 7822 (X2)
  • Geoprobe 6610
  • Geoprobe 540MT

Testing, Sampling & Support


  • Mobile B40
  • Marl 2.5

Water Well

  • Versa-Drill V-140X
  • Canterra CT250

Limited Access & Remote

  • Helicopter
  • B20L
  • Geoprobe 540MT
  • Scout
  • Pionjar


  • B20L
  • Geoprobe 540MT
  • Scout
  • Geoprobe 6610
  • Pionjar


  • B20E
  • B9E
  • Pionjar


  • B20L

Limited Access Track Mounted

  • Scout
  • Geoprobe 7822DT
  • Geoprobe 6610

Maple Leaf Drilling has the equipment and experience to anticipate and plan for difficult remote access drilling.

Our innovative drilling team is always up for the challenge with safe but creative solutions for those times when the unexpected just happens.

Location access presents challenges that are familiar to Maple Leaf Drilling. From tight spots in the urban concrete jungle; to squeezing through forested river banks and swamps in the middle of nowhere we provide equipment to get the job done right.

For more info on our remote access services please click here.

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